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Rental Reservation Request

  1. Select the Boat Type tab
  2. Select the Rental Duration and Quantity
  3. Select a Date from the Calendar
  4. Select the Time Slot to reserve
  5. Complete the remaining form information
  6. Submit the form, then return for additional boat requests.
  • Submit 1 form for each Boat Type
  • For selections not available thru this form,
    please call us at (512) 333-0620

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Ski Boat

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NOTE: You must complete and submit 1 form for each Boat Type!
Please follow above instructions for proper submission of Rental Reservation Requests!



Ski Boat





  1. This is a Request for Reservation, not a Reservation Confirmation. All requests are processed in the order received. No guarantee of reservation or rental arrangement is indicated or implied by submitting this form.
  2. All approved reservation requests require a minimum 50% Deposit due at least 7 days prior to reserved time slot(s) -OR- at the time of reservation confirmation if less than 7 days remain prior to reserved time slot(s). Failure to secure a reservation with deposit may result in forfeiture of reservation.
  3. Full payment and execution of Rental Agreement is due prior to release of any boat(s) or watercraft(s) for operation.
  4. Reservations secured by Deposit may be subject to the following cancellation fees:
  5.  No refunds on holiday weekends (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day). No exceptions 
    • Cancellations within 24 hours of reservation time may be subject to a 100% non-refundable amount of deposit.
    • Cancellations within 48 hours of reservation time may be subject to a 50% non-refundable amount of deposit.
    • Cancellations within 72 hours of reservation time may be subject to a 25% non-refundable amount of deposit.
    • Cancellations caused by Resort Ranch Marina due to reasons such as Mechanical, Maintenance, Safety, or other Unexpected Availability, or as a direct result of Inclement Weather or other Acts of God will receive a full refund of deposit(s).
  6. All Renters confirm that they are a US Citizen with valid ID, and that they are at least 18 years of age or older at the time of execution of any Rental Agreement.
  7. All Boat Operaters agree that they are 13 years of age or older at the time of any boat or watercraft operation.
  8. All Renters and/or Boat/Watercraft Operators agree not to use, nor permit the use of:
    • the rental craft for any unlawful purpose;
    • the rental craft in a careless or negligent manner;
    • the rental craft while under the influence of liquor, narcotics and/or other intoxicants.;
    • the rental craft by any other person not the signatory of the Rental Agreement, or not an equally qualified guest of the Renter.
    • the rental craft during nighttime darkness. (No rental craft can be operated between Dusk and Dawn!)
  9. All approved Renters and Boat/Watercraft Operators agree to sign and execute a “Indemnity, Waiver and Release Of Liability Agreement” prior to any boat or watercraft operation.
  10. All rental deliveries are “dock-side”. All delivery points must be an appropriate and safe dock with proper bumpering and water depth. Any dock determined to be unsafe or not properly outfitted will be denied delivery.
  11. Resort Ranch Marina reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.